Global EDM is Growing

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Global EDM announced the sale of its consumables division to SST (Makino’s consumables group) earlier this year allowing the company to focus exclusively on machinery. The sale has allowed the company to focus on an industry-best service, expanding its product range, and delivering the absolute most competitive pricing.

Each and every machine sale is now backed with a fully trained staff of US based Service Technicians and an always-stocked parts department. Keeping both technicians and parts within the US has allowed Global to deliver much faster turnarounds for maintenance and installation over international competitors. With the sale of each machine, Global Applications Engineers will fully train new operators. Barry Ramsay, VP of Global EDM, said, “While we will always deliver uninterrupted, timely service, our goal is to do what our competitors can’t: teach you how to make the most of your EDM machinery.”

To that end, beginning with its wire machines, all Global EDM machinery will include a library of E-Learning Tools that will educate an operator in the basics and essentials of properly operating their machines.

Global EDM is also proud to announce brand new machining solutions, including:

The Excetek VG Plus Series:  This new line of wire machines broadens the available X axes to include a range from 15.75 to 47 inches and the Z axes from 8.6 to 39.5 inches. The VG Plus series also features a new digital power manager to improve cutting accuracy and surface finish.

The R2000:  Specifically designed for the Aerospace Industry, this wire EDM cuts shapes from rings with a diameter of up to 86.7 inches with exceptional accuracy.

The FH23:  The nation’s broadest range of EDM drills, at Global EDM, is growing again with the new five foot wide Beaumont FH23 ATC, supplied with shaped-hole technology. As always, all Beaumont EDM drills are fully customizable to produce a machine to meet the biggest or smallest needs.

Since the sale, Global EDM has been able to focus in on what it has always done best: superior service, a lineup of machines for every job and unbeatable pricing.

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