Global EDM introduces an effective training method to train and retain good operators.

EDM Wire cut spark under water

For a moment, place yourself in another man’s shoes (unless you find the following to be the shoes you wear already!): You’ve just gone through a three day training to learn how to use a new EDM machine and now you must produce parts. You know that the training was good and exhaustive but… man, now you have to make something with this thing! Within tolerance!

Learning a new skill can be difficult anytime but when you add in the risk of someone’s livelihood, the pressure can be too great for a one time training to achieve the results a company needs for success. The best training results usually come from a source of constant tutoring. This is where Global EDM’s E-Learning fills the training gap.

Global EDM’s E-Learning is educational software loaded on Global EDM machinery that teaches an operator how to use the machine point by point. It effectively turns your EDM machinery into its own classroom, allowing the operator to review information as often as needed. This is information that is typically forgotten after a traditional classroom setting.

Even with the best classroom training, it will take the typical operator one whole year of using a machine before he or she will be able to use it well. The importance and advantage of the E-Learning model is apparent because it can accurately and effectively train and help retain good workers. When operators are confident in their ability to use their machinery, and in their ability to continue learning, it will quickly translate to an increase in ROI.

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